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Tiffanie, you are awesome!!!  When I have struggled to even walk, after a session with you, my pain is GONE and I am able to walk normally.  You are the BEST.  I do not know how you do what you do, but keep it up.  You are MAGIC.  

Coye C.

What We Do

At Balanced Dynamics Massage Therapy, we believe that health is achieved by working on the body as a whole. We provide massage that is tailored specifically to the client’s needs as well as focus on educating them on lifestyle changes they can make to improve their health and accomplish their overall goals. We take the time to assess every client individually.  By learning your lifestyle and listen to your goals, we can help you create a plan of action achieve optimal balance of your body thru massage and self-care technique education. Every session is personalized to the long term goal, as well as taking in account of your needs at the time of the treatment.

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Balanced Dynamics Massage Therapy is within walking distance to historic Grapevine, TX.  Plan a day visiting and enjoy the shopping, restaurants, wine bars, live music, as well as your massage.

" Tiffanie (Hickman) Graves has been my massage therapist for my degenerative disc disease for over a decade.   Her knowledge of anatomy is excellent and her massage skills are honed to a fine edge.   I routinely recommend her to my patients and friends with enthusiasm and without reservation."
Mark E. Scroggins, M.D.

621 N. Main St., Grapevine, TX, 76051

Meet Our Staff

Tiffanie Graves has over 15 years of experience in massage therapy with a background in Medical Massage, Orthopedic Massage, Structural Integration, Myofascial Release, Active Release Technique (ART), Trigger Point, Thai Massage, and Deep Tissue Massage. She learned a lot about the body while  working under a mentor for over 6 years  as well as working as  a physical therapy assistant , a chiropractic assistant, and has traveled with the LMT Success Group as an assistant teacher with their medical massage course. Her passion is helping people to learn about their body by discovering it through massage and functional exercise. This will help them to know why they are in pain and how to make changes in their lifestyle to help prevent injury and discomfort.


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It has been about 3 years since Tiffanie started working on me and I was on the way to being in a wheelchair for the rest of my life. When I had my hip removed my orthopedic surgeon didn't believe in physical therapy.  Therefore, I waddled in order to walk and ended up with a totally crooked body. My right hip and shoulder went one way and the left side when the other way. I had never had a massage, and Tiffanie told me what she was going to was nothing like I had seen on TV or the movies. The first year was an adventure for an 80 year old lady.  I came once a week and we worked hard. Muscles I didn't even know I had moved to the right place and I could walk my dog each day and my back was getting straighter. About that time I fell on our pool's deck and fractured my tailbone. I went to rehab and then moved to an apartment for seniors over 50.  I continued physical therapy there but I was unable to get back to Tiffanie for about 6 months. By that time my muscles were not where they needed to be again. So once again Tiffanie and I started our journey. It has taken over a year to get back to where we were before the fall. However, now we work on the hump in my back, shoulders, neck, legs and I walk around my apartment just like other people and carry a cane.  I stand so straight that all my pants are 3 inches too long. My almost 84 year old muscles are finally where they should be.  As I have learned muscles have a memory and as long as I keep moving and walking correctly I will stay out of that wheelchair, and some of my weekly massages can be like on TV and in the movies thanks to my wonderful Tiffanie. 

Mitzi C.